About Us

The current generation of children is surrounded by entertainment mediums; our culture thrives on film and television. But rarely, are children given the opportunity to explore their own creativity through these mediums. Often, the artistry of kids are overlooked in filmmaking, with no outlets or trainings available to teach them how to turn their imaginations and ideas into movies and shows that can give life to others.

Kids TV is a filmmaking program that allows the voice of kids to be heard. Through the Kids TV program, kids acquire the practical and technical training needed to transform their imaginations into reality. We create a fun learning environment for the kids of today to become the filmmakers and producers of tomorrow.

During a 12-15 week period, kids work together to develop, produce, and film a TV Show, Movie, or Music Video. The kids work hands-on to learn camera and lighting basics, an overview of the filmmaking process and crew positions, story development as well as teamwork and organization. Our program semester ends with the kids hosting a premier screening for all of the parents and guests.

Our school sites are generally located in Metro Atlanta or surrounding school districts. Some of the schools include but not limited to: Atlanta International Schools, E. Rivers Elementary, Springdale Park Elementary, The Schenck School etc…

If you would like to recommend your school to be a program site for Kids TV, please visit our contact page or send an email to our program director.

Program Director

Brandon Jolley

Brandon Jolley is a director/ videographer residing in Atlanta, GA. After receiving his Masters in Film Production from Georgia State University, he began working for Tyler Perry Studios. Being mentored by Producers and Assistant Directors for Tyler Perry, Spike Lee, and Martin Scorsese, Brandon learned production management and producing. He has directed and produced various short films, a documentary/viral videos, and music videos.

PROGRAM OUTLINE (12-15 classes)
Class 1
  • Overview of Filmmaking Process
  • Introduce Equipment
  • Class selects type of Semester Project
  • Class brainstorms project concepts
Class 2
  • Basic camera trainings
  • Class selects project concept
  • Class Brainstorms story plot/ story outline
Class 3
  • Advanced camera trainings (basic cinematography)
  • Review Story Outline
Class 4
  • Class Reading of the Script
  • Lighting Workshop & Training
  • Audio & Sound Basics Training
  • Overview Crew Positions; Begin Crew List
Class 5
  • Auditions/ Select Actors
  • Class Test Shoot
  • Prep for first day of production (i.e. shooting the film/show).
  • Create Wardrobe & Props Lists
Class 6
  • Filming the Movie/ Show
  • Review of day
Class 7
  • Filming the Movie/ Show
  • Review of day
Class 8
  • Filming the Movie/ Show
  • Review of day
Class 9
  • Filming the Movie/ Show
  • Review of day
Class 10
  • Filming the Movie/ Show
  • Review of day
Class 11
  • Last Day of Filming the Movie/ Show
  • Pick Up Shots
  • Review of day
Class 12
  • Movie/ Show Premier Screening for Parents